Automation Deployed

*Starting from

Essential Data space, workflows, core rules engine, and features for entry to Automation experience and Growth.

Multiple Modules

Single user interface of BizGaze unlike other applications with multiple modules for each workflow.

No Traning

Little or no training is required to onboard people on the Bizgaze platform which is not the case with other Complex ERP systems/ Applications which require rigorous training in multiple modules.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited User Licensing will empower all, lower the burden and improve the working potential leading to more profits

Role Centrice

User-role centric approach makes it easy for anyone to adopt quickly. quickly.

Easy Upgrade

Easy upgrade to the next level (from Flo Basic to Flo Plus to Flo Pro) as and when the business needs grow

Visible ROI

Focusing on multi-Business lines at a time with Unlimited Line of Businesses on one platform will scale the business to the next level. This is the most visible ROI you receive on using Bizgaze.


Key Features

Improves Productivity

Workflows are made to align with the business conditions and processes by involving everyone as a part of the network. Plan out-of-the-box for improving the operational efficiency as coded with a highly object oriented approach, to deliver the endless possibilities for improving productivity.


Improved Business Insight

Get a complete view of the business in a single click with interactive dashboards and a powerful reporting system. Right access to the process owners, made business decisions simpler and faster than expected, based on the workflow configured for the stakeholders.


Consistent Infra

As it is built on a consistent infra structure which provides the speed and reliability of the application, it can be operated from anywhere and anytime with a web application. Mobility is what makes the difference since this is simple, flexible and easy to use.


Minimize Risks

Reduce risk with the best rule engine which automates the business decisions with less manual involvement. Also, Integration is made simpler & faster by reducing the risk involved in dual operations, increasing the accuracy of data transformation as well.


User Friendly Interface

User Experience with most happening Technologies like HTML, CSS, JQuery and Bootstrap with simple UI & UX promises a user friendly interface which always delivers performance.


Reduced Operational Costs

In-built data storages with SaaS Model techniques will always ensure lower operation cost and maximizes the profits across any business operations.


Readily adapt for usage

Ready made applications which can be configurable as per the business process is easily possible as low coding techniques which less development efforts. Ease of adoption as the application loads the data faster with Lazy Loading technique, getting the data whenever you access it.


Technology that you need

Adopting the right technology applications is very essential which should be scalable to any level with any business operations and which can be handled with a single interface. Even Industry best practices for easy deployment and updating of the applications is possible with the right technology in place.


Proper Control on Financial Activities

Inbuilt Accounting Books helps you to drive all financial activities without giving a miss. Also giving you proper control on your business by customized alerts for different kinds of transactions.


More Secured Application

Handles the traffic with scalable infrastructure without giving delay in the operations speed. Built with backup failover servers to secure data and takes automatic backups, protection and industry-leading security measures help protect the business data with more guaranteed time and zero downtime.


Flo Series

Automation Rejoiced.

Automation Experience at Full throttle, maximum data storages, all workflows, features and a greater number of messaging capability to sustain your ambitions growth.

Automation Ignite.

Bigger Data space, added nice-to-have workflows, features, and a greater number of messaging capability to suit your growing needs.

Automation Evolved

Essential Data space, workflows, core rules engine, and features for entry to Automation experience and Growth.

Automation Unleashed.

Get Automation experience with workflow automation with extensive reporting and business driven platform for multiple business operations and services.

Automate Everything.

One application which provides complete business process management enabling automation of business processes from manufacturing to distribution in one go.