What is BizGazeTM ?

An end-to-end Business Automation Suite with preconfigured workflows to manage Pre-sales, Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Accounting, HR etc...

  • First ever Automation Centric business application without User Licensing
  • Empower your channel partner network with our Distributor Management System (DMS)
  • Extend your ERP to onboard all your stakeholders on a single platform

"ERP vs SaaS vs Automation"

ERP speaks modularity

Cloud based SaaS applications speaks features


BizGazeTM speaks, Workflow Automation. Amazing Right!

BizGazeTM for Small and Medium Businesses

Flo series offers specially designed plans for Small & Medium Businesses. You can choose from our handpicked workflows as per your need offering you the most affordable pricing plans at the cost of a cloud infrastructure.

BizGazeTM for Manufacturing

For Manufacturers lean inventory, best in class product support and planned execution of projects will be the key differentiator.

  • Handle sales more effectively, focusing more on Innovation.
  • Reduces operational risks by bringing in best practices with Automation.
  • Increase profitability margin by optimum utilization of your resources.

Our Flagship Product crafted for Manufacturers,Implements any pre-configured workflow


BizGazeTM for Distribution

Distribution Business is now more connected, and process driven with Automation, bringing Enterprise class technology to create efficient and profitable businesses.

  • Mitigate risks of inventory overstay, reduces cash mishandling and increased credit spread in the market.
  • Accelerated cash flows with automation of cash collection from regular customers.
  • Customer logins are enabled with Integrated Offer Management during Ordering, which helps in maximizing profits by Offer Utilization.

Our Flagship product crafted for Distributors


BizGazeTM for Retailing

BizGazeTM empowers retailers including multiple brand and multi branch outlets to effortlessly deal and on-board products from various OEMs using the powerful LOB feature.

  • POS that is lightning fast and mobile supported. Regular customers can order directly from the app.
  • Minimizes the loss of Stock with Inventory Optimization and pre plan your inventory with Aging Alerts.
  • Run loyalty programs to retain your customers.

Our Flagship product crafted for Retailers

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Key Features


White labelled Mobile App* on Play Store and Appstore


Real-time Notifications for faster engagement


Rule Engine brings complete control on business processes


Tagging enables you to Understand patterns and pick and visualize data


GPS Enabled Workflows for real time tracking of assets


Demand forecasting driven purchase planning reduces capital risks


Line of Business feature allows to create rules specific to each Business vertical


Integrate with existing ERP, handle change management with ease.


Successful handheld Remote Implementation. Solution centric approach

Key Features


White labeled Mobile App in play store and App Store


Dedicated and scalable private cloud infrastructure


Hand held implementations and Support


Seamless Communication with Robust Notification Framework


Bring the required discipline in your ecosystem by bringing enforcement in the current process


Dedicated account manager and customization support for the brand


Manufacturers will get the perfect visibility of distributors & retailers by using the Bizgaze DMS

Businesses are transforming from people driven to process driven and thus again depending on people to run and approve the transactions doesn't make sense, hence Automation. Reduce manual decision making from 80% - 20% through workflow automation.