Bizgaze, the Big Brother of biz world

Bringing transparency and streamlining processes at organizations is now possible. ‘Bizgaze: the virtual CXO’, a product set to change the working style of companies, was launched by Terminus Global Techsolutions Pvt Ltd, on September 3. The product carries features to address challenges faced by management by providing timely updates about organization’s dashboard enabling quick decision making by managers.
Speaking on the occasion Founder and CXO Uday Kiran said, “My dream was to develop a product, which can boost the growth of the organization, through a simple touch of a button”. Sharing details of his company, Kiran added, “We are set to grow in this current fiscal and plan to raise our value to USD $20 million as there is a great demand for our newly launched product.”
Team members Head of Business Strategy Gaurav Maheshwari, Chief Technical Officer Phani Sriram, Head of Delivery and Projects B Krishna Kumar, Head of Projects Implementation and Support B Subrahmayam, Director Corporate Relations AC Kesavaa Reddy and Head of PR Ahmed were present. Terminus Soft, which was founded in August 2004, explores the world of technology business.

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