Mobile Ordering
Sales reps can place their customer orders directly through mobile app. They can access the item availability instantly and other information. This saves time for back office people and they can avoid taking the orders manually Sales teams save time. Your business gets a boost. Mobile Ordering •Save Time for your Sales and Back office teams. • Money is saved by improving order accuracy.

Never Miss an Order
You will never miss an order again once the order is placed, unfulfilled orders because of material unavailability will be filled automatically when the inventory becomes available. When you fulfill the orders and your sales increase and you will have happy customers.
• Growth in Sales Volume.
• Higher Customer Satisfaction index

Faster Quote Preparations & Simpler Customer Approvals
Sales teams can prepare quotes on the fly that gets approved by their managers if it is beyond their leverage. Customers receive the quotes in the app or through E-mails with approval option including for E-mail. Add more business time for your sales team.
• Save Time for your sales teams.
• Less follow ups with the customers.
• Faster Collaboration in organization

Buying trends of your customers.
You can understand the buying trends of your customers. Simple and smart data analytics helps your purchase planning and pitch in the right products for your customers. Improve your customer experience by personalized suggestions.
• Predictive selling with analytics.
• Understand the market trend first hand.

Offer Communication
When customers know the offers and short fall for next slab in various campaigns, they plan their purchases. This will increase sale. It will be a win situation for you and your customers. Real Time offer Management integrated with real time sale.
• Increased Customer Satisfaction.
•Increased Sale

Faster order Fulfilment
Reduce the time from order to invoice as it is completely automated with Bizgaze, handling most of your business rules. You receive orders and can fulfil instantly without losing the control on the business. Automate your invoicing process with your business rules.
• Customers receive orders faster.
• Saves your human resources

Sell for Higher Profits
Distribution business grows faster when you sell more to the right customers. Bizgaze order allotment rules allow to prioritize the inventory with set of your business rules you fulfil higher profit orders first.
Sell before your Purchase Customers can place orders for future dates. Reduce the loss of valuable orders by showing the expected date of delivery for non-available materials. Build customer trust. Helps your customers to plan their orders
• A Higher ROI feature.
• Reduced inventory staying time in the warehouse.
Intelligent Purchase Planning
Ability of business directly. Smarter you purchase the more profit you reap. With Bizgaze you have an intelligent purchase planning that understands your business trends and suggest you the right quantity that you should procure. Safety Stock calculation on the basis of various industry standard indexes, with in depth understanding of operations research makes your inventory more profitable.
• Increased order fulfilment

Loss Control
Preventing losses will definitely increase the profitability of the business. In business losses can be due to customers or products. Bizgaze loss control intelligently suggests about any specific item or customer that can cause losses. Losses due to products with a limited shelf life will be reduced as the concerned team will be notified to take action in right time before it’s too late. Loss control intelligence helps to not to sell the product for loss i.e. less than your effective purchase (calculates offers and discounts that are not on the face of Invoice). Records loss incidences with a product or a customer.
Intelligent Purchase Planning
Purchase planning will influence profitability of business directly smarter you purchase the more profit you reap with Bizgaze you have an intelligent purchase planning that understands your business trends and suggest you the right quantity that you should procure. Safety Stock calculation on the basis of various industry standard indexes, with in depth understanding of operations research makes your inventory more profitable. .reduced inventory staying time in the ware house.
• Increased order fulfilment.
Protect your Profit Margins
In supply chain, margins from suppliers account for the major share for the profitability of the business. Offer Management in Bizgaze works for safeguarding your profit margins, it keeps you notified with the short falls of the slabs defined by your vendor, so that you will never miss a free Item or a credit note. Automated purchase order for a Free of cost offer or a credit note on vendor account for discounts on
Targets, helps to track the missing commitments from vendors, protecting your profit margins is the main objective of Bizgaze
• Direct Returns in terms of increased profits.
Dynamic Credit Limits
Credit control is the very important for your business. Set your credit control rules, get complete control on your customer credits. Automated credit calculation with seasonal gear ups and gear downs will give more control. Now you know how much credit you can risk on each of your customer.
• Save Money, by reducing the capital risks.
• Improves the payment collections
Cash Buckets for Field Staff and Back office for Collections
Payment collections are always risky, this involves multiple people and multiple modes of payments. When you are receiving payments through field staff, this will be much hard to manage. Now you can track the payments received by your field staff through cash buckets feature.
• Eliminates risk of loss or misuse of payment collected by your field collection staff.
Payment Commitments for Approvals of Overdue orders
When an order is in credit freeze, due to overdue our ordering interface can mandate for a payment commitment to proceed with order placing. This in turn added as a new draft payment receipt, where in an automated notification sent to whoever are involved in this specific transaction.
• Improved customer communication.
• Improved accountability.
• Log of customer credibility
Order Approval Rules
When an order is placed, system intelligently decide which order has to be processed. If an exception occurs within your defined business rules like a recent payment default from a specific customer, will send the order for approval even without an overdue state. Your Business runs on your rules.
• Improves accountability inside the organization.

Non Performing Inventory.
Taking your average inventory stay in period you identify non performing products that always signals you to trade safely with that specific product lines. And you can always create some offer to sell that product without causing more damage to your profits. You will know when to create an offer on what product.
• Stops capital investment in products that do not yield profits.
Control on Geographical Infringement of Inventory
You can track your inventory at any level. If you are having a geographical distribution rights for your product, with Bizgaze you can always track if the inventory belongs to your warehouses or not. You control your rightful geographical area of business.
• Control on your market share. Protection against encroachment in to your business territory.
Discounts against Payments
Instead of maintaining multiple price lists, with Bizgaze you can offer discounts against on-time payments as defined in the payment term. This discount can be applied automatically at payment or can go into wallet cash that can be used as a discounting next invoice. Customers will be interested to make early payments as they get special discounts. .
• Reduced payment delays directly influence the ROI.
• No Multiple price lists saves time.
Your Inventory stays for a less time in your Ware House.
Purchase planning is made considering current pending orders as well as your pipeline with a probability. So Bizgaze helps to make smart purchase as our purchases is integrated with our opportunity & pipelines. So accuracy of your purchases will be increased.
• Reduced inventory to cash cycle is a Direct ROI.
Payment follow up & Reminders
Bizgaze follow ups for the receipts of customer payments. If you deal with bigger corporates payment follow-ups can be escalated to their organizational hierarchy. Proper follow up for payment receipts always improve your cash cycles.
• Reduced payment delays directly influence the ROI
Wallet for customers
Customers can use wallet cash for new orders, this reduces unnecessary transaction time and saves huge paper work in issuing credit notes. Wallets help your customers for faster materialization into inventory and in-turn your sale increases. Wallet system helps to improve inventory cycles.
• Save Time, Money and Resources.
Targets for payment collections
Every Sales Rep, of that specific customer will be given dynamic payment collection target to follow up the payments from customers. This brings accountability for sales teams about the retrieving payments from customers in a timely manner.
• Reduced payment delays directly influence the ROI.



Imagine when every stakeholder in your business is informed about his to-do list with a time definition, then you see your people working for you in a timely manner and your business is automated. Your entrepreneurial think tank has to work only to improve your profit margins by taking informed decisions.
Bizgaze reduces inventory to cash cycle time. This enables you make best of your capital. Faster Cash Cycles, reduced order to dispatch time will speed up your business at-least by 25%, this means increased profit with the same capital.
When customers can place their orders directly through mobile apps, and get required information like order status, statements, new offers and their shortfalls, your sales reps will focus more on finding new business. Sales teams focus on growth.
Entrepreneurial thinking is the most valuable resource for an organization, because an Entrepreneur can never be replaced by anyone in the organization. We have given all required tools where business owners get control and deep insight of their business. Business expansion is only possible when business owners manage existing business effectively which is very much possible with Bizgaze.
Bizgaze focuses in enabling most of the resources to look in to organizational growth perspective. Most of the business processes are automated with Bizgaze, leaving ample time for your people to focus towards organizational growth. Adopting the right business process will pay you back in terms of growth.

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