At Bizgaze, we are passionate about making offices paperless in reality.
Even in modern era of advanced technology, businesses do not have handy and simple tools that can provide information which can be accessed at finger tips and on go. Hence they have to rely on paper based information exchange for their day to day processes.
Virtual CEO- Bizgaze’s main focus is to create automated work flows and enable every one with the power of right information at right time and driving every stake holder towards organizational goals by continuously directing like a CEO virtually.
Capturing the data from business processes and analyzing the structured data has been the goal of traditional business software till now. Bizgaze has taken few steps forward in transforming data into actionable intelligence. Manual decisions even increase the risk in any organization. Business owners can define their business rules at key decision points and leave the rest to Bizgaze.
Bizgaze allows you to connect and integrate your current enterprise systems avoiding data redundancy. Our notification and tasks frame work automatically will
Bizgaze framework for distributors enhances the operational efficiency by establishing real time connection with retailers and automation of their workflows.
Bizgaze has a unique implementation strategy designed with built-in change management. We create hassle free transformation from your current processes onto the Bizgaze without disturbing your critical billing cycles. Upgradation is done by our team with utmost care and Quality.

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