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Bizgaze believes in the exploring the opportunities, innovating solutions and enhancing them to give better user experience.

Our Associates have strong expertise in Technology. You can trust them with the most complex coding and rely on their skill sets when you have specific demands. They have excellent coding standards and a commitment in demonstrating excellent problem solving skills. They love working in collaborative environments wherein they combine strong design and UX leads with passion.

With forward thinking attitude and an experience in front end development, our team takes pride in creating unique and clean-professional designs. They have the ability to convert complex design challenges into customer friendly experiences.

Our Product

Mobile has become the marketplace of the world, where a pin to a plane is being sold online 24 X7. we need to be available actively for our customers so that they can find our products, offers, transaction history etc, with a click of a button. Growth in Business volumes is also leading to a dire requirement for becoming more efficient in day-to day operations. Customers need to be served faster at a reduce cost. This gave birth to an idea for a system which functions as per set of rules for regular issues, but alerts us in case exceptions where higher level of intervention is required. We started automating each workflow in order to ascertain the business needs served properly through automation…

Bizgaze-Your Virtual CEO-A Business Automation suite, makes offices paperless in reality.

Virtual CEO- Bizgaze’s main focus is to create automated work flows and enable every one with the power of right information at right time and driving every stake holder towards organizational goals by continuously directing like a CEO virtually.

Capturing the data from business processes and analyzing the structured data has been the goal of traditional business software till now. Bizgaze has taken few steps forward in transforming data into actionable intelligence. Manual decisions even increase the risk in any organization. Business owners can define their business rules at key decision points and leave the rest to Bizgaze.

Our Strategy

A TWO-point growth strategy that drives Bizgaze in providing products in the shape and size required for automating business with ease and user friendly

First, to be a promising business partner in automating conventional businesses through Mobility, Versatility and rich user Experience by providing the right technological solutions.

Second,to explore the new opportunities in automating every possible avenue and thereby help customers to grow

Our Journey Ahead

We started in 2012 with automating business processes of small business houses and enhanced ourselves into providing consultation for bigger enterprises. We are having a very good expertise in integrating with existing ERP systems which can really help the enterprises in hassle free transformation. Our strategy is to move ourselves into SAAS business model in coming future providing every business process owners a chance to automate himself with cost effective business automation solution.

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