Rules Engine

Rules module allows to define rules and set limits to parameters, and validates the fetched values from the transaction in question. Based on the outcome of the validation Rules engine triggers the applicable rule or notification for further action.

Credit Rules

The credit policy of the business can be configured in the Rules Engine and its routine enforcement is automated subject to the criteria met, leaving the exceptions to be escalated for manual intervention.

Order Approval Rules

The policy of approving orders under certain conditions can be captured in the rules engine. Depending on business requirements and the combinations of parameters BizGaze triggers the rules engine.

Pricecode Rules

Centralized pricing catalogue along with a custom price-code parameter can be maintained. Special prices are applied to the tag mapped to a group of contacts by invoking the relevant pricecode rule.

Payment Term Rules

Rules Engine fetches the conditions and parameters from Payment Terms master and applies them to the tagged contacts in the scenario.