Digital transformation Partner to empower extended ecosystems of the enterprise with apps, analytics, and process automation all on one reliable and secure platform - BizGaze PaaS.

Control the Choas

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Downstream is when products enter the market under environmental conditions, via distribution channels comprising of diverse entities from different regions hailing from many cultures and sensibilities. Due to the sheer number of such stakeholders in the sales channels, it is often chaotic to manage and predict outcomes. Effective visibility on the sales channels is a prerequisite for better control. The real challenge lies in managing ecosystem stakeholders of different maturities, Digital Transformation of the entire sales channels is the only way forward and hence the Hobson’s choice.


The Enterprise Extended Ecosystem digital enabler.

BizGaze PaaS bridges the maturity, process and practice gaps between the OEM and their TPN in the supply chain ecosystem. By on boarding all B2B stakeholders BizGaze ensures the benefits of DigitAll™ transformation are reaped. Ideal for SKU and product-variant intensive distribution networks BizGaze creators have a thorough exposure and understanding of the complexities and environment of third-party distributors in emerging markets like India. Empowering the distribution network with BizGaze opens new vistas of marketing strategy. Fetching reliable sale data as-it-happens from sources like third parties has a unique value for the Enterprise Decision makers. In designing offers and pushing them BizGaze analytics plays an insightful role be it to offers to move slow moving items or underperforming sales executives. Attach the right bait for right catch to the right angler all by informed design.


Integrates and steers the Enterprise ERP assets.

KatalystTM -The ERP ROI enhancer for the enterprise, is a layer that interfaces with your traditional ERP with the actual roles like BizGaze Ordering Interface, Offer Management, etc. intuitively enabling the user-roles and leveraging the data to expedite processes maximizing value from ERP investments which will no more be perceived as white elephants with slow ROI, when catalyzed by BizGaze.


The next generation secondary data extractor.

DataFisherTM-The Secondary Data Extractor: integrates seamlessly with a wide range of accounting software, manual uploads and presents intuitive perspectives of secondary sales data which is crucial for many Enterprise decisions.

Enterprise (On-Premise Equivalent )

The On-Premise Equivalent variant of BizGaze Enterprise edition is a core only offering delivered to the private cloud of the Enterprise, without any IaaS, nor managed services nor storage; it comes with unlimited users but resources like private cloud and related infrastructure entirely owned and managed by the enterprise. ideal for OEMs with strong and mature inhouse IT practice. This solution approach maximizes inhouse IT practice and gets more value from a fixed investment.