BizGaze has successfully transformed many businesses especially distributors dealing with multiple OEM products and resellers in the B2B environment helping the realize their full potential to streamline cost and maximize earnings from various product lines

Why Process Automation is more relevant to growing Businesses.

Growing businesses struggle with resource constraints who often juggle between ad-hoc processes, being able to add new products from other OEMs to the system without additional resources can enable them to be ready for business expansion including sudden spike in opportunities. In cases where the small business units that do not run any traditional ERP's, BizGaze acts like one without adding additional overheads and seamlessly integrates with their Accounting software.
Hence it’s a natural sequence to graduate from an entity using discrete functional software to being an ERP enabled one, and further aspire to evolve from an ERP enabled entity into a Process Automation driven one.

SMB Growth

The LOB- Addition feature is a great enabler to SBM owners or proprietors allowing them to expand portfolio with optical overheads. Adoption of BizGaze practice organizes and catalyses SBMs into an unprecedented readiness mode to grow further. The platform has evolved over a decade considering all the constraints and humane sensitivities of the segment. The unique billing model has been designed to accommodate SMBs of all sizes and their needs as they grow.

Across Verticals

BizGaze enables businesses in a range of industry verticals starting from supply chain automation area to others. The analytics from most sold items and patterns there of help in production planning and purchase planning which can vary from Industry vertical to vertical depending on how they leverage analytics. Here is the footprint of BizGaze platform impacting businesses in various verticals. In scenarios where competitive sales pressure exists empowering the Dealer Sales executives with the right knowledge of offers and visibility allows them to respond better and net the opportunities.