Expense Automation

BizGaze allows anyone with a userID to claim expenses via the mobile app which is routed to their respective line managers for further processing as per configurable rules around roles and limits.

One Claim many Expenses

BizGaze allows to add multiple expenses under one claim. In a claim some or all expenses can be rejected or approved as per conditions of the process.

Expense Categorization and delimiting

Limits In the Expense module expenses are categorized into various heads. Designation-wise expense limits can be configured. Limits for proof-required cases can be set to mandate proof submission for further processing.

Attachments for Expense

Every expense can have an attachment if applicable. Attachments can be viewed and downloaded for the record purpose.

Mileage Preferences

Configure mileage preferences in Expenses Master for cost per kilometre based on the vehicle type. Measures distance of travel in different ways like odometer readings, GPS route tracking and manual entry to generate the travel cost.

Category-wise ledger settings & entries

When Ledger Settings are configured in Expense Master system automatically populates the relevant ledger after approvals.

Approval and comments on each expense

Approval related conversation for each expense is done on the expense page via posting comments in the field like a discussion board. Each time a comment is added a notification is sent to the claimant to respond.