Accounting Automation

BizGaze accelerates Accounting practice exhaustively end to end, starting from driving AR process, measuring AR efficiency, invoking predefined payment rules, action based auto generation of credit and debit notes, etc.

Account Receivables

Accounts Receivable practice ensures customers pay their dues on time. It prevents businesses from running out of working capital at any point in time despite the possibility of having substantial cash due from the market. Prevents accumulation of over-dues or non-payment of the pending amounts by the customers. Strengthens the fundamentals of finances and liquidity of the businesses.

Vouchers and Ledgers

Group of ledgers and their nested child ledgers can be viewed at all levels including parent and child levels based on the role permissions. Every transaction in the system will be a journal or voucher entry with values that will be propagated in the ledgers involved.

Credit and Debit Notes

Credit notes from various sources like Offers, wallet amounts, Return are auto generated triggered by the corresponding actions. Debit notes from various scenarios like price differences, and purchase returns are auto generated and reflected in the Ledgers.

Modes of Payment

Various modes of Payments for the Sales reps to input the receivables for various adjustments. Able to give discounts for the payments as per the payment terms rules. BizGaze allows configuring notification triggers as per your business needs for follow-ups and status updates in various stages with details.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank ledgers in BizGaze can be reconciled with imported bank account statements. Ledger entries can be rectified within or escalated to the bank whichever the applicable scenario in case of mismatch.

GST Compliance

For every transaction Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliant reports are auto generated in BizGaze which are compatible with GST portal.

Reports in Accounting

Exhaustive range of reports in Accounting made available in BizGaze including Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss or P&L statement, Trial Balance, and Day Books.

Visibility & Control

A healthy goods receivable practice contributes to the profitability by reducing the risk of any bad debts. Improves overall AR efficiency and provides better visibility and control over the market outstanding.