Order 2 Invoice

Create risk free Orders with visibility into credit health and offers. Resolve duplicate orders, get informed on inventory while placing orders reduce backorders and invoke special pricing if applicable and track order status. Customize invoice formats, focus more on exceptions and fixes let routines flow as per rules.

Order Synchronising

Lack of stock visibility and too much of back and forth communications to back-office may delay order placement or even could result in loss of opportunities. With BizGaze Order Creation Item Availability is almost transparent to Sales Executive even on-the-go via the mobile app.
No-access to the latest offer communication for the Field Sales Staff would disable them from explaining the offer benefits to prospects. Item-based and customer-centric offers pitching made easy with BizGaze’s latest offer visibility.

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Customer Credit History not being handy while placing an order could prove to be risky, with BizGaze Credit policy enforcement dealing with each customer is stress-free keeping in view their transaction history. In case of inadequate credit limits immediate internal escalations are triggered for approvals on a case by case basis.
Applying customer specific pricing manually can be complex and error-prone, but with BizGaze Customized Pricing can be assigned instantly to a set of customers by invoking the relevant tag.
Earlier there is not track of work of Work-in-progress orders, with BizGaze any order can be viewed in whichever stage it is ranging from approval, active, partial or complete fulfillment.
Order Processing dashboard gives complete info of fulfilments in process at a glance.
Generating invoice manually needs data like pricing, taxation, quantity to be keyed-in which could be prone to errors, with BizGaze Invoice Automation inadvertent human errors are eliminated with one click context-relevant data is fetched into the invoice automatically.
Tracking Multiple modes of payment and their status for each sales representative is a challenge, but with BizGaze Accounts Receivables each transaction can be tracked to detail in real time.
From enterprise dashboard accounts receivables details for each Sales Person can be viewed to a great detail including status of each payment.

Scheduled Notification reminders can be set to expedite collections and settlements.
Cash cycles are now shorter than before by acknowledging and triggering pre-defined incentive rules in payment terms.
Automatic reconciliations update and refresh the Ledger Balances.

Offline Order Drafting

Never miss an opportunity to place an order due lack of Internet. Seamless order capturing Anytime and anywhere independent of connectivity. The offline availability of the Sales order app gives you full order drafting capabilities regardless of whether you are connected to the internet or not. You can access and search your digital catalog and write and confirm the entire order... all actions in offline mode.

Order Synchronising

As soon as your device gets connected to the Internet, your order will get synchronized with the live BizGaze platform or online systems and the confirmation of the order will be sent out to your customer. Having a fully functional access to your order writing and order spooling app not only enables you to draft, stage orders, and to do business from anywhere with seamless user experience. Thus productive utilization of the offline time.

Custom Define Stages

Define stages as per organisation processes and configure role based permissions to view the stages. Manual or automatic stage transition can happen with Event triggered approach of BizGaze.

Special Orders

Future order can be created and alerts issued to submit the order for processing prior to the date required. Priority can be assigned to an order based on the situation, a priority order has a natural precedence over other orders. When advance order is created based on confirmation from the customer the price applicable for advanced orders is fetched from the price catalog

Credit Health

Initial credit limits automatically assigned from configured credit rules and auto-revise credit limits based on credit performance over a period of transacting measured w.r.t configurable credit rules. View dues and overdues of outstanding pending from the market within and beyond due dates and drill down to details of each transaction in a click. Know available credit balance as an aggregate of credit notes from various sources like offers, returns and price difference scenarios.

Avoid BackOrder & Duplicates

Map the existing sales order with a special purchase order to fulfil the deficit if any, in the previous delivery. The inventory levels of the items that require frequent backorders have to be raised to avoid Backorders. If items in the order are already in a previous order which is under process an alert is sent to avoid duplication or to revise the existing order

Offer Visibility

When placing an order get informed if offers exist for each item or view all the items under offer applicable to the customer, all at a glance.

Special Pricing

During ordering system fetches special price from the price catalogue and applies the that price to the contact or the group of contacts if they are tagged with ‘special-price’ which is configurable in the Price code rules engine.

Bulk Ordering

Increase various item quantities in one go inside the cart, from the preloaded list of a single window. This allows to place orders of various times in multiple numbers from the list in a single click.

Order Approval

When order is placed notifications are triggered and tasks auto generated to the stakeholders concerned. Exceptions trigger the approval workflows like exceeding employee leverage percentage, credit limits, Overdue invoices, or bounced cheques

Order Information Dashboard

View item availability as you place the order and all the details pertaining to one order at a glance including delivered, invoiced, returned and back-ordered quantities. Item-wise discounts applied on the order can be viewed on the edit mode dashboard.

Intelligent Order Processing

During concurrent ordering or for all in-process orders item availability is checked and the stage and status against each order is displayed like “can-be-Fulfilled” or “can-be-partially-Fulfilled “cannot-be-fulfilled” with existing inventories


Access to RealTime knowledge of one’s own incentive scores and shortfalls was a challenge for the distributors earlier, but now with BizGaze’s Offer Management dealers can view their scores and the shortfalls get suggested to maximize from the deal at that point of time by placing orders. Centralized monitoring of Campaign Performance was not possible in a heterogeneous distribution network. But with BizGaze Enterprise can view from a single dashboard the health of all the ongoing campaigns.

Alias Codes

Aliases can be created to match nomenclature of third party systems both for items and entities. These aliases can be invoked as per customer requirement.

Expense Split

Shipment expenses split can be Analyzed per Delivery Challan and details including shipment and shipper information can be viewed

Exchange items

An item can be exchanged while placing an order itself. Thus exchange process creates GRN automatically for the inbound items and DC for the invoiced items.

Automatic Taxation & Account

Item wise taxation applied during Order creation displaying the breakup of taxes. Accounts Ledgers are auto-populated based on the configured settings

Invoice Automation

As DC is created keeping in view of the stocks availability, invoice is generated automatically in retrospect based on the quantities shipped in the DC and rest of the details are propagated from the order details. To add handling expenses, labor costs and freight charges invoicing can be done manually.

e WayBill Integration

BizGaze complies with government regulation of generating e Way bills based on the value of the invoice when exceeds the stipulated value.


Sales returns mapped to the invoices and post quality process inventory levels increase automatically reflecting the added stock. System automatically generates both DC for return stock and credit note for the customer which is reflected immediately in the Ledger statement.

Custom Templates

One Invoice content many formats. Create custom Invoices in many design formats as per your business needs, from a wide range in the Invoice templates library.

Ledger Statement

View and print transaction details on the move at customer locations in the Ledger report including draft entries like invoices raised or payments in pipeline or without depending on back-office for information. Draft entries automatically promoted to ledger statement view once payment receipts or invoice confirmed by the roles concerned. Drill-down for details on each entry in the ledger report as per the access privileges.