Opportunity 2 Estimate

Handle Opportunities with care till they are materialized and beyond. BizGaze equips with tools and processes ranging from capturing details, to planning and pursue till fruition, applying custom price contracts, negotiating smartly on estimates, formally submit estimates transforming them to Orders.

Prepare Estimates On-the-Fly

Delays in making quotes could cost you a ton from opportunity pipeline, to maximize from your pipeline you need to reduce the time gap between customer query and response time. BizGaze enables sales reps to create estimates on-the-go. Any deviation from your rules-set can trigger a spate of escalations and alerts to the stakeholders concerned within the organization.

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Upon internal approvals customer receives a quote on mail as a PDF attachment along with the estimate and an external link to approve the estimate. And this estimate is converted to sales order.

Your Sales Representatives can Attach the system suggested collaterals like product specs, presentations automatically to the estimate. Estimates can work as price-contracts as well, reducing inaccuracies and unnecessary human intervention. These price contracted products appear in the ordering interface for customers with a Special price tag ‘SP’ i.e., with reference to an estimate. Creating Estimates is now Simpler and Faster from BizGaze mobile app, thus keeping you ahead of the competition.

Price Contracts

BizGaze allows to override the price fetched from the central catalogue and offer a special price till a valid date for the opportunity in hand. This price contract is applied automatically to the stakeholder for all for all subsequent orders till the end of validity.

Opportunity Description

Describe the opportunity in hand based on value or volume and frequency. Capture product usage scenarios. Gather requirements from prospect.

Analyse Losses and Wins

Capture the Competition Scenario and plan accordingly for the current opportunity. Analytics on wins and losses add to the lessons learned for improvement of conversion rate in future.

Smart Negotiations

BizGaze allows clear and fast price negotiation cycles among the proposing sales executive, his approving manager and the prospect, which formalises and streamlines price negotiation avoiding ambiguity and time loss. Alerts on the price contract expiry and catalogue price changes will be sent to the sales executive concerned to avoid risk of price variation.

Opportunity Pursuit

Plan and schedule appointments to pursue the opportunity with the single point of contact or SPOC pertaining to that opportunity.

Digital Quotation

Formal Quotations with agreed estimates, and product catalog PDF files can be sent as links in the e-mails to the SPOCs concerned. The role concerned who can either approve or reject the quotation by clicking the appropriate link.

Graduation of Estimate to Order

Approved estimate from the stakeholder will be converted into order within BizGaze system. Analytics on wins and losses due to estimates will give insights for policy making.