Lead 2 Deal

The uncertain transformation of opportunity to deal, lead to business or a prospect into a customer needs a proper engine to process without giving a miss. BizGaze enables this journey with successful management of leads from start through conversion at every stage into clinching deals.

Contact Management

It takes two hands to clap. Your prospect is waiting to take an Informed Decision with your support.
Conversion of leads to customers can often be a long drawn game. Repeated calls, emails, and follow-ups have to be made to check on the health of the leads ranging from dormant through active, qualified and confirmed. BizGaze CRM app includes an Event Scheduler be it Meetings or Calls, all such tools to enable the Sales Executive. In BizGaze CRM is more of a contact management center of all stakeholders in the Ecosystem; their Complete and validated contact details


Capture and leverage precise location of the customer in multiple ways either during a visit to customer location, or by remotely mapping the address by precisely locating on the Google Maps, or by automatic geotagging of addresses of multiple contacts based on the nearest landmark identified by google maps. Increase quality of sales trips in routing and navigation with Geo-tagging of customer addresses without draining resources each time. Equip sales reps or new hires with precise customer locations to hit the ground running from day one.

Lines of Business

BizGaze allows to assign sales executive per LOB in case there is business requirement to manage and track customer relations with respect to that particular line of business. Payment terms can be defined LoB wise and special discounts can be applied invoking the appropriate incentive as applicable. Orders and Invoices can be generated as per LoB.

Multiple Addresses & Roles for each Contact

Be it billing or shipping address(es) a contact can be mapped to multiple addresses. Multiple-Lines of business can be added to the same site address which enables ease of allocation to sales reps and insightful when analytics obtained. Multiple roles can be mapped to multiple contacts of a customer, events can be triggered based on roles.

JIT Dashboard

Apply JIT analytics avoid risk and maximize value from the current transactions. Assess the quality of opportunity at hand by viewing sales history report of an existing customer with key parameters, and all handy on the mobile app during negotiation with the customer.

Smart Updates

Event triggered CRM workflow reflecting stage of the opportunity without need for manually updating the stage transition. Thus saving time and effort of CRM users.

Third Pary Lead Imports

BizGaze facilitates import of leads from third parties, spooling the leads from sources at one place in BizGaze without manually adding them.

Approvals & Instant alerts

Instant alerts are sent to stakeholders concerned on every change to system. Stage transition is done automatically based on approvals and other events.

Routes & Schedules

Plan once and Assign sales executives per area per route to cover and follow up each customer in that route day-wise or date wise. Routes are planned based on existing Geo-tagged Customer locations. Vast Geographical areas can be covered with the existing team strength for follow-ups on customer health using this pre-planned routes and assignment. New Business can be explored and tapped in the given route as well.

Document Attachments

In BizGaze it is feasible to send document attachments some or all of which can be marked mandatory. They can be viewed as thumb nails and accessed as links which can be referred to in future or downloaded based on access permissions.


Pre-planned physical meetings or seminars with Customer groups and events can be scheduled with the Meetings. Meeting minutes and results can be captured on the meeting page. Non-participants can be added to the meeting page and informed about the proceedings and allowed add their observations. Planned vs. actual expenses for the meetings can be tracked. Outcomes of the meeting investment as per expectations can be studied depending on the results or conversions among the attendees.