Targets can be set by the business on various stakeholders like sales teams, executives, entities to set expectations upfront from each stakeholder, track achievements and reward if applicable.

Target for Customers

Each customer entity can be assigned a target to be met and offered special incentives upon achieving.

Targets by Volume or Value

Targets by Sales Volumes or Values can be configured in the BizGaze targets module. Aggregate of customer targets can be ascribed to sales executive and summation of targets of the entire sales team can be assigned to Sales Manager.

Targets for Sales pipeline

In the BizGaze targets module a number can be set as target for lead creation which in turn is integrated into CRM. Targets module can drive the new business in pipeline by allowing lead creation and measuring success by conversions.

Targets Vs Achievements

Analytics and dashboards for each stakeholder regarding their targets vs. achievements can be viewed to identify gaps and improve performance.