BizGaze invites Prospective partners to join and prosper the growing Ecosystem to create value for your customers and share the wealth created by positioning and deploying BizGaze offerings.

SMB Partners

SMB Partners: All aspiring-to-grow individuals Or Entities With a sizeable Existing SMB Clientbase in B2B Trading And Distribution Channels can join the BizGaze reseller ecosystem and prosper. BizGaze empowers Reseller Partners with Product knowledge, online-demos, and tools like ROI calculators for the prospective BUs; and assure post-sale support with both offline and online modes depending on the nature of subscription.

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Selection Criteria

  • Proven experience of solution sales to enterprises in your domain.
  • Existing client base with digital transformation with intent in near future
  • Professional Network and objective communication to convert leads

Enterprise Segment & Implementation Partners

BizGaze is the PaaS enabling transforming OEM S&D channels digitally onboarding all the third-party stakeholders like Distributors, Re-sellers and their sales staff and influencers onto the BizGaze DigitAll platform powered with apps. Substantial scope for implementation, bespoke development, and integrations with legacy ERP’s. BizGaze accelerates ROI from traditional ERP investments in heterogeneous IT environments of OEM’s. We at BizGaze empower Implementation Partners with Product knowledge, Training, tools like ROI calculators for each BU, Enterprise Benefits Radar, BizGaze APIs etc. which come handy in the pre-sales and implementation phases. And assure post-sale support with both offline methods like email, support ticketing and online modes chat, hotline depending on requirements.

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Selection Criteria

  • IT services firms with sizeable OEM client base.
  • Strong Presales Solution positioning history
  • Mature bid-management practice responding and wining
  • SME Influencers onboard with implementation landscape across India
  • Adequate skill pool to deploy in BizGaze Practice at their end.

Domain SME sales Consultant

If you are seasoned SME in your domain which ever vertical with thorough knowledge of process is in functional area you have the opportunity to introduce BizGaze to your Clients businesses and be part of the success created in the ecosystem.

Development Partners

BizGaze Platform is extensible and integrates with diverse systems in heterogeneous ERP landscapes. Currently BizGaze integrator built with BizGaze APIs is integration-ready with 3rd party software ERP systems like Tally, SAP Business One, SAP ECC 6.0, giving efficient mobile UX and value to users in the field. Being Enterprise Systems Catalyst, BizGaze compliments your clients' existing ERP systems in the background and accelerates ROI from them thus maximizing value from those systems as well. Prospective Developer partners with adequate skill pool can integrate and create value to their customers and prospects.

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Selection Criteria

  • Being current active partners of ERP, Accounting COTS
  • Substantial footprint in the markets in any segment.
  • Adequate technical skill pool to use BizGaze API and integrate