Automate Processes

Proactively drive the workflows, expedites processes wherever applicable by enforcing configurable KPIs without letting the human system interaction lag behind the demand.











Enhance production with special addons and its automation carrying enormous change in performance metrics compare to the standard application model









Core Features

At the heart of BizGaze platform are the core engines that are invoked by apps and workflows across the spectrum of functionality.





Rules Engine


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Accounting vs ERP vs Automation

While the traditional Commercial-off-the-shelf software are limited to their respective functionality like accounting practice exclusive for that purpose, ERP's have a bigger radii, covering various functional areas that impact or get impacted by planning for allocating resources. ERP’s define processes, KPI's and workflows, and support decision making as a medium of work albeit in manual mode; Process Automation takes it to the next level, drives and expedites those workflows smoothly interfacing between systems and roles; Automation proactively engages resources in workflows for better utilization and enforce generic rules for most routine decisions thus creating more time and room for handling exceptions and improvements. Hence it’s a natural sequence to graduate from an entity using discrete functional software to being an ERP enabled one, and further aspire to evolve from an ERP enabled entity into a Process Automation driven one.

BizGaze as a DMS, how it is different

Exhaustive Benefits of DMS, Dealer Management System to the OEMs, driven by BizGaze Adoption To the manufacturing entities, BizGaze offers a wide spectrum of benefits broadly classified into Actionable Analytics, Centralized Control, JIT time alerts, cross-network processes, Product support, and Integration. Analytics in-turn includes extraction of secondary sale data in real-time, Product or variant performance by geography, real-time inventory status and spread across the network for more accurate production planning, market outstanding trends, customized analytics with alerts triggered upon conflict detection within the reports.

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Customized analytics with alerts triggered upon conflict detection within the reports. Centralized control further spans into four categories namely Offer Publishing across the network, setting targets and noticing achievements, and Price publishing, stock visibility, and inventory controls. Offer administration further branches into Points scheme, Free-of-cost offers, Credit Notes, incentive schemes for Influencers and sales executives. Targets can be set and Achievements tracked against those set targets by various parameters like geographical spread, by role, or by particular distributor or dealer in question. Upon meeting certain conditions JIT alerts can be created, and automated tasks are taken forward. Uniform process application across the network further ensures consistent experience from a reliable brand, enable process automation, implement standard workflows across the network irrespective of stakeholder capabilities. Allows manufacturers to seamlessly connect with their customers and update and publish product information across the network enabling with faster Go-to-market. BizGaze platform is ready for third-party integration including end-to-end order integration.

BizGaze for Retail

Be it, independent retailers, multi-brand or exclusive franchisees once onboard on BizGaze they check product availability, lead times effectively while placing orders. They can place orders to distributors, track orders, shipping info, upload or download e-invoices, get reminders and offer communications via app, SMS, and what’s app. Retailers can make payments or send payment information to distributors in a paperless efficient mode instantly. Retailers can monitor their credit from each distributor, and the credits of their end consumers. Once onboarded to BizGaze retailers can get the power of a network behind them in terms of brand support, product and promotion info access. Using BizGaze PoS, instore stocks get updated automatically, alerts for auto-replenishment get triggered and committed transactions get posted into the journal and ledger as entries

BizGaze Architectural Approach

Multi-tenancy architecture (MTA) MTA deployed by BizGaze has been extensible where a tenant application can have its own sub-tenants as the tenant application behaves like an independent SaaS infrastructure. In STA (Sub-Tenancy Architecture), each tenant application has its own generic functionalities but also allows its sub-tenants to configure custom rules and function like independent business applications. That is if the OEM has generic applications, at the distributor level bespoke functionality can be added. This mutual exclusivity approach ensures distributor needs are addressed and independence, privacy maintained at the same time streamlining and optimising resource utilization efficiently, resulting exclusivity, cost effectiveness and value for investment with reduced TCO, all that the same time. At the same time push-pull synchronizations made feasible from the Enterprise interface to propagate uniform values and rules across the network of distributors, and dealers.


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